I saw a tag when I browse WHI, and why not? I was a huge Directioner few years ago and I was so sad, when they just broke up. But after it I listen their songs and I think I stay a Directioner. But, enough of this, let's get into it!
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1. Who is your favorite member?

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2. What is your favorite song?

I think it's Stockholm Syndrome.

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3.What is your favorite music video?

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4. When did you join the fandom?

I think it was in 2012. I saw their first music video and after it I search about them so much and bamm! I become a Directioner. God, it was six years ago...Am I a bit old? Haha.

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5. Have you been to any concerts?

Sadly...nope...(crying as a fangril) But I watched many videos of concerts and one was not that far from my town, but I can't go...

6. Favorite ship?

I don't really have one, so sorry for that.

7. Do you own any merches?

Again, sadly, but no...(crying again...) But I really wanna own a perfume of them.

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8.Favorite era?

2013 was such a good year for me and also the cool movie. OMgG, I was on it at the cinema and I remember we become a huge poster of the boys and a cool and cute pen. And the movie was awesome!

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9. Saddest moment?

It was exactly when Zayn left the band and then when the favorite band in my life just broke up...(crying so much) I just had a big black hole in my soul...I don't even know what the hell happend...

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10. If you only had one ticket to watch one of their solo concetrs, which one would you go to?

Hard question, but I must choose so, I would say Harry. I like his songs in these times so, why not?

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11. Which one of the boys' sibling do you like the most?

I led as well Greg - Niall's older brother and Gemma - Harry's older sister too. They're just cute siblings.

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12. First song you heard of them?

It was in 2012, and What Makes You Beautiful. I liked in the first moment, when I saw it. Oh, the good old days...(crying again as much as I can)

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13. Favorite song from Up All Night?

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14. Favorite song from Take Me Home?

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15. Favorite song from Midnight Memories?

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16. Favorite song from Four?

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17. Favorite song from Made in the A.M.?

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18. Favorite Zayn solo song?

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19. Favorite Niall solo song?

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20. Favorite Harry solo song?

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21. Favorite Louis solo song?

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22. Favorite Liam solo song?

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23. Favorite picture of all the boys?

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24. Favorite One Direction album?

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( I just have it)

25. Do you read or write One Direction fanfictions?

I read the Dark fanfiction a few years ago and also I write a fanfiction too, but it was so horrible. Haha.

26. Do you think they will ever be a band again?

I hope so. They were and are a really good band.

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Hey there! I hope you liked this little stuff what I show to you. I was and be a Directioner for a long-long time. Who's with me? Also, if you liked it, just leave a cute reaction or hit that heart button. Thank you so much for being here, have a good day or night. See you later. Byeee!

LA, out.