Step 1: Brush your lips with a toothbrush. Guys, I know that's kind of weird and everyone give this advice, but it's work. Why? Is encourages your blood flow so that's make your lips more plump. Be careful not to over exfoliate, because you don't want to have blood and scars on your lips. You can also use a lip scrub ( if you don't have one use this recipe: oil+ sugar, simple, right?)

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Step 2: Get of your dead skin with a towel

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Step 3: Add a lip balm (your skin is very dry and irritated and needs a add of vitamins and natural oils)

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Step 4: Liner! Choose a darker tone than you're lipstick and over line your lips. If you don't know how to do it: over line just the middle of your lips, don't even try to get to much in the corners, I let you down bellow a diy

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Step 5: apply your lipstick
I recomand to choose a liquid one because you can draw more easy. I can recomand you something from my experience:

Maybelline super stay matte ink (7-8 dolar)

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This lipstick is gorgeous, I have it the nuance 15 lover and I totally love it, also is really like ink, it stay all day long perfect and it can't be wash by water.

L' Oreal Paris Lip Paint matte (10-11 dolar)

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Guys, this is actually me (213 Stripped Brown)

The Balm Meet matt(e) Hughes (16 dolar)

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This is my favorite lipstick (shade adoring). It look so vintage and even if you don't use lip liner it can't see that you over lined your lips.

Step 6: Highlighter your lips (the image tell you everything, but if you have trouble with this tutorial, with every step, you can leave me a message and I will be happy to answer) Also if you want a matte look just add a little bit of highlighter on the top of the middle of your lips without touching your lipstick.

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Step 7: This step is optional, if you want a matte look you're finished! But for bigger lips I recomand you to add a gloss.

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I like glossier, because I think it looks so good and aesthetic, I think is a must-have, but I don't have one, I'm not exactly a gloss fan. The price it also very good 14 dolar.

I have two glosses which are both very good.

a) Philosophy raspberry sorbet

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My favorite lip gloss. It cost just 5 dolar and it also have a cute line on it: sweet kisses are the best treat

b) Flormar Super Shine Lip Gloss

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I like that little colorful glitter that have inside of it but a lot bigger than in Philosophy one. It cost just 5 dolar and it help me a lot with aesthetic makeup look like this one.