Hi everyone!

For the people who doesn't knows me, I'm Marina, Mare, Somnambule, or whatever you want (I'm going to talk about me in other article, and aside what my name is, I'll explain why I don't speak English very well. Anyway, sorry if I don't speak it good at all!).

Sooooo today I'm gonna do this tag. Riverdale is actually my favourive tv serie ever, although Season 2 is not the best. I know.

Aaaaaaaanyway. Hope you like it!

1. Who's your favourite female character ?

riverdale, lili reinhart, and betty cooper image riverdale, lili reinhart, and betty cooper image
I know that many people don't like her, but I really admire her. She has a very strong personality; desire to discover, to learn, to solve misteries. In fact, love her. Don't kill me pls.

2. Who's your favourite male character?

cole sprouse, boy, and riverdale image cole sprouse, boy, and riverdale image
Ok, I know. That's a cliche. But I love him! He's... God, he's perfect. With all the letters. I know him since his begginings, I mean, since he plays Cody at the TV serie of Disney Channel. And if I already loved the role he played at that time (and how he interpreted it), now much more! Jughead Jones is amazing.

3. Who's your least favourite female character?

camila mendes, riverdale, and veronica lodge image riverdale image
Veronica Lodge and Polly Cooper. I really can't stand them, gosh. They're... ugh. Unbearables. Starting by Ronnie, who gets carried away by her parents' business and takes Archie with her. And Polly, although I understand her a little (because she has gone through terrible things) is also bad. She is very selfish. Bah! I get nervous when I see them. Seriously.

4. Who's your least favourite male character?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It riverdale and nick st clare image
I really hate them. Seriously. With all my heart. Chic is the most annoying and creepy of the show. And get me nervous. And Nick... Men, I haaaaaaaaate him!! He's disgusting, crappy, nasty... In fact, he's shit. Yup (and I can't stand Archie neither, but Chic Cooper and Nick St. Claire are the worst characters of rd).

5. Have you read the comics?

Archie, Betty, and books image Image removed
Nope, I've never read them, but I want. I don't like comics at all, but they're a very important part of the Riverdale's story, so I want to know and read them.

6. Who's your favourite parent?

Image removed Image removed
Both Archie's parents. They're so so so kind, helpful, nice; they care about their son, take care of him and love him. And even though Mary left, she has returned when her family needed it. And I'm a big fan of hers (especially because of how she defended Fred while they were eating. It's my fucking idol)

7. Who's your least favourite parent?

wine, riverdale, and hermione lodge image Image by Reni
Ok, ok, the Blossoms are worse, but gosh, I truly can't stand the Lodges! I mean, it's obviously that killing your son is more evil than manipulating him, but sorry. Ugh.

8. What was your initial thought of the show? Did it change after you started to watch?

riverdale, food, and series image riverdale, cole sprouse, and camila mendes image
Hm, when I started watching rd, I left it right away. Really. I didn't like it at all. At that time I was very scary, so the show terrified me. I remember seeing it in summer, and I didn't like it. I took it back this winter, when I thought of a series to see. And I found it again. And yap, I love it. So obviously my thought of the show change after I started watching it.

9. Who do you ship the most?

riverdale bughead image riverdale, vanessa morgan, and madelaine petsch image
Cliche is cooooomiiiiinnnng! I KNOW that too many people loves this ships, but it's impossible not to love them! Gosh. They're so, so cute. Aw! I seriously adore them. #Bughead ship is so cool: although it is also true that their relationship is not the best, they always love and support each other. They are so cute! And the others, too. #Choni ship is amazing. They're amazing. Like Betty and Jug, they love and support each other even in the most difficult moments. So cute!

10. Before finding out who killed Jason, who do you think did it?

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I thought SO MANY THINGS. Truly! In the beginning I thought it was Betty or Jug (I don't remember why, but I had a theory). Later I thought it was her sister. By the final, Hiram (when Ronnie supposed it and he was still in jail). And finally, I thought it was Penelope. For sure. But I never thought it was Cliff. Well, for a moment I thought it had been one of the parents, but I really thought it was Penelope.

Soooooooooo, that's all! Hope you like it♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
I will present myself better in the next article! I hope this has a very good reception.

And sorry if my English is not... the best, hahahahh.


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