Hey, cuties!Since the season changed,it's time to declutter and organize our closet.Here are some tips that will help you keep your closet a little less messy!

➵Declutter your wardrobe
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Before you even start organizing your clothes,you have to think what you want to keep and what to get rid of.It will save you so much time and effort later.Also,decluttering your closet,gives you a better image on what you need to invest for the season.
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Get rid of:
▸all the clothes that you didn't wear last season.
▸clothes that don't represent your current style.(I know from experience that finding your personal style may take you some time.So, don't hesitate to get rid of something that you believe it doesn't represent you anymore.)
▸clothes that are not suitable for the current season/weather.For example,store all your winter clothes such as warm jackets,coats,knit sweaters etc. and keep only pieces that will help you transition your looks to spring.
➵Organize your wardrobe
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▸Hang all the clothing pieces that belong to the same category next to each other such as T-shirts.
▸Organize your clothes by color.It will save you so much time when you are getting ready.
▸Hang up your closet from lighter clothing pieces to warmer.For example,T-shirts➻Tops➻Sweaters.
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▸Don't hang up your knitted sweaters.It's better to store them in a shelf.
▸Try to hang only one piece on every hanger since you may forget about something that you can't see when you are getting ready and end up not wearing it.

That's it for today's article!I hope that you found all these tips helpful.Feel free to message me or send me a postcard with your recommendations.See ya soon xixixi

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