Hello beautiful ladies and gentlemen!

From the title you can probably guess what this article is going to be about. I've been wanting to write it for sooo long, so I finally pulled myself together and did it!
So, before I start I'd like to say that this is my own experiences and things I've learned from other peoples experiences.

I started getting acne, like serious acne, when I was around 13 years old. Like so many other girls and boys out there, I thought it was disgusting, ugly, I was really self conscious, and I literally thought it would never go away, and no one would ever love me. Sound familia?

So, I started covering it up with A LOT of foundation. Which just made it worse.
Both my stepmother, grandmother and dad told me I was to young to wear makeup, and I never really took it off except if I was in the shower, which made it worse.
So, as you can imagine it got worse. It was an evil circle, cause it made me use even more!
I remember the first time my mother took me to the pharmacy to buy acne treatment. Did it help? Nope... It actually made me break out places that was just fine on my skin. Btw that whole "this can cause your skin to break out in the beginning because of all the dirt getting out" is the purest bullshit if you ask me! When I was around 15/16 I saw this youtube story-time about how a girl got rid of her acne. And girl, her skin was POPPIN´. So I watched it, bought the exact same products as her.
I remember it was from the website acne.com, and it was the "Proactive" package. I was so freaking excited. It did help... Kind of. It was sooo drying towards my skin. It made my acne go away which was awesome but I had to stop using it, cause it made my skin so dry, like my dead skin cells was literally falling of my skin uncontrollably, and I tried everything, but it didn't want to go away.

After that my skin was clear for like 6 months maybe, and then it went back to hell.
I have tried birth control pills, acne pills, multiple acne skin treatments, and for years I've been obsessed with skincare products.
I remember being really disappointed in my doctor because my pills didn't work, and they weren't cheap! I talked to my grandma one day and she told me something really important: "Doctors treat symptoms, not the cause of the problem". I've been thinking about it ever since, whenever I go to the doctor.
Now, I will say that my acne was not as bad as other peoples, but to some it was.
Anyways, I moved to Copenhagen (I'm from Denmark) last summer, were I came across this really nice skincare store. Every now and again I thought to myself: "I need to visit it one day, and see what they're about". So I did in november.
The name of the store is Kiehl's and it is international.
I don't know how to explain this but after telling me to describe how my skin is in generel, they "measured" my skin, or they measured the PH-value or whatever (I have no idea if I'm being honest). But basically it can tell you what your skin is needing, what kind of skintype you have and so on.
Now, remember this is only my skin, but she told me this: Your skin is extremely dry and dehydrated which courses your skin to overproduce the natural oils in your skin. This make it oily and courses your acne.

And maybe I'm dumb, but this kind of blow my mind. As many others, I thought my skin needed as little moisture as possible, but that was not the case.

She showed me the exact products I should use to make it better, and told me to drink a lot of water. In my case I have to do this forever, to keep my skin hydrated.
No matter your skintype I strongly recommend you visiting a Kiehl's store, and get your skin measured. Down below you'll see my entire skincare routine.

Skincare routine

One thing that is really important if you want a clean skin is removing your makeup every night! I cannot stress this enough, and you probably hear this all the time, but it's because it's sooo important! I like to think of our pores like our lungs. Our pores cannot breathe properly with all sorts of stuff clocking them. If something was in our way of breathing properly it would be very uncomfortable and unhealthy! I recommend taking of your makeup as soon as possible. If you get home from school or something like that, and you know you're just gonna hang around the house for the rest of the day, take it of! It's unnecessary.
I usually use the "take the day of" balm of clinique.

skincare, cleanser, and balm image
For me this is a miracle worker! I actually bought this because my skin is extremely sensitive so I need something that can just "slide" over my skin if you will, that doesn't hurt my skin and make it burn.

A couple of weeks ago I ran out of it, so I thought I'd try coconut oil until I'd get my hands on it again.
After only using coconut oil for like three nights my skin got completely messed up! I've heard so many good and bad things about using coconut oil on your skin. I feel like it's something you have to try yourself before you can say anything about it, cause it's so different from person to person.

matas and skindstegt image
After getting all of my makeup of I use an exfoliator (keep in mind I only use it for about 3 times a week). This is a danish brand, but you can get amazing exfoliators all over the place! My advise is to try your way through until you find one you like and that works for you!
blue, body, and care image
I use this after removing my makeup and exfoliating (the nights I do that). As you can tell it's a pretty big bottle and it lasts forever. It gets very foamy every fast, so you literally only need the smallest amount. I bought this at the beginning of november last year, and I'm not even half way through, which is pretty amazing I think, considering I use it to times a day.
toner and kiehls image
Next I use a toner on a dry face of course. As well as the cleansing foam the bottle is quite big so it last a long time too. Inside the bottle there are calendula petals, and is applied with a cotton pad.
serum and kiehls image
When the toner has dried (it takes about ten seconds) its time for the serum. This is really good for moisturizing and making the skin smooth. One pump or a little less is all it takes!
kiehls and skin rescuer image
Last, but certainly not least we have the moisturizer! This little bad boy helps getting your skin moisturized and minimizes stress. It is kind of thin, but sooo rich on moisture!

All of these products are crazy soft, and they smell really fresh and nicely!
After starting using these and drinking around 2-3 liters water a day, my acne disappeared. I still get pimples here and there, and it can break out around my period time or if I'm really stressed, but I can live with that!

Food for better skin!

How healthy you are on the inside reflects on your outside. Last summer I became vegan and that really opened my eyes to a whole new and amazing world.
I will not tell what and what not to eat, but what I'm about to say is facts, not something I just came up with.
When I became vegan I learned how bad dairy products are for our whole body.
Our whole lives we've been taught that dairy products are healthy and good for us, when in reality it causes sooo much harm to our body! Keep in mind it's not even meant for us, it's for baby cows!
Here are some quotes from the website clearskinforever.net:

"In fact – and I’m not exaggerating here – removing milk and dairy products from your diet is probably the absolute, honest-to-goodness most effective thing you can do to clear up your skin."

"There is abundance of a hormone called IGF-1 in milk, which is really good for baby cows, but not for you. IGF-1 is a growth hormone. It makes baby cows grow up big and strong, but in humans, it tends to make your acne grow big instead. IGF-1 is one of several factors that cause inflammation in humans, and which eventually lead to acne (and the ugly redness and swelling that makes acne so annoying)."

If you have tried everything but nothing works, try cutting out dairy for 30 days and see what happens! You can get vegan supplements for dairy products totally 100% plant based, you can eat instead!

After cutting out dairy I noticed how my t-zone wasn't burning red anymore, and my acne got better. It didn't completely disappear, but that could have been so many other things. Like wearing to much makeup, eating vegan candy and junk food (which I did) not drinking enough water and so on.
I know not everyone is agreeing with me when I say food has a great impact on your skin and overall well being. But try it anyway! What do you have to lose?

Antioxidants is a miracle worker against acne! It's found in several fruits and veggies like: kale, spinach, avocado, berries and apples.
Fruits and veggies containing vitamin C is also really important if fighting acne: citrus fruits (lemons, pineapples, oranges etc.), kiwi, blackberries, broccoli, bell pepper and sweet potatoes.

Face masks and sheets

I feel like face and sheet masks are a very important thing when it comes to keeping your face clean, smooth and beautiful! So as I've told a trillion times already, my skin is totally sensitive and completely messed up, so for I personally find it very hard to find facials that don't break me out, make my skin burn or red.
For my skin, it's all about keeping it hydrated and moisturized, so what I like to use are sheet masks. I use them around 3-4 times a week. This my seem like a lot, but my skin seems to constantly need it, and it works for me, so... Anyways, I also use clay masks and just regular masks, but not so often as my skin is super sensitive against it.
Here are my favorite sheet masks and face masks:

face, sephora, and skincare image beauty, eyes, and mask image
I feel like Sephoras sheet masks can do no wrong! I use them all the time and I also use they eye masks sometimes. They smell amazing and are so smoothing and moisturizing to your skin! You can get way cheaper sheet masks that work great to! Try and find out what works best for your skin!
Temporarily removed beauty, beleza, and mask image
So, the only masks I really use are the Japanese Matcha Tea mask (the green one), the British Rose (the pink one) and the Himalayan Charcoal mask (the blue one) from The Body Shop. After using the blue or green one, I always put on the British Rose mask for moisture, as the masks tends to dry out my skin.
Temporarily removed
So, I've never actually tried this, but I need to get my hands on this! I'm the type of girl that falls in love with something so quickly, and let me tell you something! This mask has the craziest views and ratings! I feel like everyone who has ever tried it loves it! I defiantly have to try this!

Practical stuff to do

The last thing I'm gonna talk about is all the little, yet important things you can do to make your skin look better!

  • Change your bedsheets!

- I do this every 1,5 - 2 weeks. Think about all the bacterias we have one our body face every single day, bringing that with us into the bed. Our pillar is filled with bacterias that can make our skin even worse!
When you're sleeping try not to lay with your face directly against the pillar. Let your face be able to breath!

  • Stop touching your pimples!

- This is probably one of the dumbest things you can do! If you have a pimple and you pop it, all the bacterias from your fingers gets in the pimple making it more unclean and worse! Sometimes I, likes many other, can't help it, but after I've popped it, I immediately put on some tee tree oil from The Body Shop. It is extremely good for your skin, but it is very strong so only put it on the pimple! It makes all the bacterias go away, and clean it really good.

  • Putting on make up!

- When you put on makeup, try avoiding putting it directly on the pimple, if you can. If the only thing bothering you is your pimples try some color corrector and some concealer, only putting it on the spoken areas. This is good because the rest of your skin, that is fine, doesn't get covered by makeup. All the things we put on our faces is not supposed to be there, especially makeup. I'm not saying that you should never wear makeup! I myself, is a big makeup lover, but if your having a serious breakout or something like that, just take a few days of with no makeup.
If your having like serious, bad acne, I would recommend to use as little face makeup as possible, as it only makes it worse.

  • Makeup brushes!

So, I feel like it's very common for people to not wash they makeup brushes now and again. When I talk to my sister and some of my friends, I hear them saying that they have never cleaned they brushes, and I simply don't understand it. A dirty brush is sooo unhealthy for your skin, and honestly it looks so gross and disgusting! Many people don't really think about it because they don't get acne and breakouts so they skin must be fine right? Well... No...
Anyways, so what I'm trying to say is that cleaning our makeup brushes is really important! All the bacterias from old makeup, dust, all the bacterias in the air and so many other things, can result in serious breakouts. I have tried so often that I've been to lazy to wash my brushes and then I've gotten breakouts. My skin is very sensitive and I feel like the smallest about of dirt is causing me breakouts, but what to do right?
I clean my brushes once a week. You have to personally decide how often you'll wash them as it depends on how often you use them. Washing them as often as possible and keeping them clean is always best of course.

  • Toothpaste and ice cubes!

This is the oldest trick in the world, but if you can feel your about to get a pimple put on a bit of toothpaste (only on the pimple, as its very drying towards your skin) before you go to bed, and sleep with it over the night. I've experienced that putting it on before getting the pimple, it will dry out the skin, making the pimple disappear before it even gets there. What I do is after removing my makeup I feel my face with my fingertips, and if I find a spot where I'm a bit sore or I can feel I'm about to get a pimple there, I put on some toothpaste. I can of course also use the toothpaste on the pimple helping it to dry out and making it disappear faster.
So if you have one of those pimples were touching it makes you wanna cry of pure pain, take some ice cubes and put it on the pimple. This will freeze the pimple and make it disappear faster.

  • Use the same products!

- A very important thing is consistency! Try sticking to the same brand of skin care products, and remember always have consistency in using them!

I how you learned some new things about skin, products and food, and that you enjoyed the article! I hope its not too long, and if so, I'm sorry, but there are just so many things to say about this topic!
Also, if there are some vegans, vegetarian, people who consider becoming one of them or something completely else, write to me if you're interested in a vegan food article filled with facts about it! ;)

Have a lovely day, and remember! Having acne does not mean you're ugly! It just means you have acne...