We aren’t anything and I know that, but you say you miss me and want to meet up and ofc I am crazy about you so I agree to it. I’m hopping that we will actually hang out, I’m just scared. I’ve been used so many times and played what if you do the same? What if you leave me when I most need you? What if you break me? I’m honestly crazy about you and you don’t even see it. All my friends see it but you. I want you to myself but I have this gut feeling that you’ll never be fully mine and I’ll never have your full attention. There will always be other girls but perhaps I’m wrong? I can’t say that to you cause I have no right, we aren’t anything meaning you can go and do whatever you want with who ever you want. I’m selfish. I want you to myself but what if I’m not enough? What if I can’t make you stay?