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I decided to do the #HonestyTag, which has been going around lately and I'm always late landing on this bandwagon but whatever.
Also, I know I haven't been writing articles recently, I'm really busy with my dance and school life. I know that's no excuse but it's just going to get worse in the next two months so don't expect me from uploading much either. This week, it's spring break so I'm able to write this article.

Now, let's get started!

1| How often do you lie?

I think I lie a lot of white lies to keep me from getting in trouble and that won't hurt anyone. These lies are usually made to my family like my sisters. But not gonna lie, I don't recall myself lying as much these days than when I was much younger.

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2 | Honesty or loyalty?

Honesty because by being honest, one can be loyal. Loyalty can also come through unfaithfulness. While honesty can be hurtful, it is the key to trusting someone -> loyalty.

3 | On a scale from 1 to 10, how honest are you?

I think I'm pretty honest with my feelings but I do lie at times so maybe around 8-9. My friends and I describe myself as an honest person because I hate it when people lie about their emotions and hold back. That can be polite but can also hurt people's feeling in the long term.

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4 | Do you always say what you really think?

Like any other person, if I don't like a teacher or someone I don't know, I will be nice by being fake because there's nothing to lose. But if I don't like a friend or someone in my grade, I will try to stay away from that person as much as possible without acting fake because that would just cause extra drama.

5 | Have you ever lied to your parents?

I think I have lied about little things that I don't want to do if I'm lazy like if I brushed my teeth or not. But my parents and I are very close so I try to keep things honest with them as much as possible. If I really can't lie to them or tell them the truth, I will just give it some time until I fell comfortable bringing the topic up. For example, once I almost temporarily broke my laptop and it wouldn't turn on. But I after 30 minutes, I eventually told the truth to my mom even though I knew she would not be happy about it.

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6 | Have you ever stolen anything?

I know I stole little things like candy and a pen from my siblings but that's obvious. I think I once stole candy or something from a store as well. I also borrowed a book from my friend in my old school and still haven't given it back. And I haven't told the truth in all of those mini crimes. Oops. I hope my sisters aren't reading this.

7 | If you were a different person, would you be interested to be friends with someone like you?

I see quotes like this about being someone who you would want to be friends with. And I think I would because (not trying to sound selfish or anything but) I think I'm talented, funny, and a good friend when I want to be. Though I think I can sometimes get carried away with my sarcasm and honesty and talk rudely without realizing it because that's the way my friends and I jokingly talk. So I think that's one part I could improve myself; thinking before speaking. And I'm happy I found this flaw about myself in this article because no one's perfect.

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8 | Have you ever pretended to be someone's friend but you actually weren't?

I really don't understand this question because why would someone go around wasting their time pretending to be a friend of someone you don't even like? I have this old friend who moved friend groups from ours to another I think because we were lowkey too immature and that girl was very girly. I personally started to realize how different we were (too different to be honest). I think we're mutual now though I still won't consider her my friend. So I just try to not build too much of a new connection together so I don't hurt her feeling if the truth comes out.

9 | Can you keep a secret?

Yes and no. I obviously tell my bestest friend like in those memes because duh that's what friends are for. I also tell my mom and/or my sister at times because they usually don't know that person anyways and I know they won't go around telling people just like my closest friends. But other than that, I don't spill anything because a secret is a secret for a reason.

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10 | Why is honesty important?

Honesty is important because lying and faking emotions can cause further damage than a difficult truth already does. Life doesn't have to be any more complicated and harder than it already is.

11 | Do you think you're a trustworthy person?

Yes, I think I am a trustworthy person because I know I have friends that can trust me and that I can trust on back. Even though I'm very foolish and sarcastic, I also have a mature, serious side that my sister hates lol. I think that balance of honesty and morality makes my friendship work.

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12 | Is it hard for you to admit that you were wrong?

Sadly, yes. I always feel like I have to be right, especially in personal arguments and I get embarrassed if I'm not. I don't really have that kind of problem if it's an argument about my friends' personal issue because usually, whatever they believe feels right is. But, I think that's one part of me that I have to improve on the most.

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