Ciao Miei Angeli! Todays artica is about basic essentials that I believe is essential to every girls closet, enjoy!

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1) A basic tee!
This is a quick and simple way to look good without putting in much effort, there are plenty of ways to pair it and style it which I love!

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2) A cardigan/ sweater
I especially love the baggy ones that leave lots of room to cosy up in, they are definitely my go to during the colder months.

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3) Jumpers
I am guilty of having too many for me to actually wear, but as i said above, they're so cosy and also effortless to wear!

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4) Flannel shirts
I am obsessed with these I swear, I love wearing them during the autumn over a basic tee or a band shirt and it can easily spice up an outfit.

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5) A blazer
Of course it doesn't have to be expensive but it makes it so much easier to give off a 'professional' look. I personally love wearing blazers and dressing up so these are definitely my go to for special occasions!

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6) Jeans/ Pants
It should be obvious why I'm saying this, it would be a bit deviant to go out in public only half dressed and will also likely get you a caution if you aren't wearing any.

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7) Booties
They of course don't need to have a six inch heel accompanying it but I just love having a little fling to an outfit and sometimes this will pull it all together (with a good jacket of course!)

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8) Jackets
Last but not least we come to our outerwear, I honestly love all kinds of jackets so it shouldn't come as a shocker to say I own too many (most of which just sit in my closet). I thing that the right jacket is key to pulling an outfit together even further and can help you accomplish the persona that you want people to perceive you with.

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Welp, that it for now, but one last thing (sorry it can't be helped) BLOUSES! They are so attractive especially if you want to give a professional look. Alrighty i'm done now- promise. Ciao!

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