So I finally found some time to write somethingthing, but because of the lack of Inspiration this article is going to be a : What's in my bag.
Let's go.

✨ headphones ✨

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I'm never leaving my home without headphones, I just can't live without Music and it's an awesome way to show everyone you really don't want to talk to them.

✨ my phone ✨

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I think here's no explaination needed. Leaving home without the phone? Hell no

✨ gum ✨

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Chewing gum helps me to concentrate and I never have to fear a bad breath

✨ book ✨

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I love to read, I really do. But because of all the stress at School and home, I barely have time for it. So I read every single second that I have, I read in the bus, in the park, beafore and after School.

✨ Journal ✨

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Or any empty book in which you can write or draw. I use it when any ideas for a book or inspirationns for a drawing come to my mind.

✨ pencils ✨

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To draw or write down the Things in the journal.

✨ hairbrush & hairtie ✨

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I have curly,long, blonde hair, so I brush my hair nearly a hundred times a day to keep it neat. And when it's getting too much on my nerves, I just pull them up to a ponytail or messy bun.

✨ portable charger ✨

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My phone is always running out of battery, so I always need my powerbank around me.

✨ parfum ✨

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I hate to fear that I smell bad, so I always need a parfum or deodorant in my bag.

✨ my keys ✨

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How am I supossed to come home without them?

✨ wallet ✨

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Well, I need my money, my identity card and so on.

So that are my essentials that I always carry in my bag.
Hope you'd like it

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