Hey hey people all around the world. <3

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So, i felt happy and inspired this morning.

As you can see the theme of this article that i'm writing is loving.

And maybe you'll be asking why?


Well, wanna know something pretty cool?

You're loved


it's by the person you kiss and watch movies with

but some of us don't have that in our lives right now:

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if you do have, it's awesome, but if you don't...

that doesn't mean that you are not loved

believe it or not love is everywhere

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It comes in so many different forms

it finds you

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in so many different places

it comes up when you least expect it

even if you think you've given up

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and you are all grumpy

and the last thing you wanna do is to get up and out of your bed

and love will find you

maybe it's through your friend leaving you a funny voicemail

or a dog at the park running up to you to sniff your butt

gif and scenery image
or maybe just looking at the moon for a little bit
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it'll find you

it always does

it's important to remember