these are fun to make

1. what was you first kpop song?
overdose by exo

2. how did you discover kpop?
misheard lyrics video and a friend kept talking about exo

3. who was your first female bias?
irene from red velvet

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4. who was your first male bias?
sehun from exo

Chen, exo, and lay image exo, sehun, and kpop image

5. who was your first favorite male/female kpop group?
exo and red velvet

exo, sehun, and chanyeol image Temporarily removed

6. which kpop song was the first song you learned the choreography for?
tt by twice

7. who is your favorite kpop group right now?
exo and red velvet

exo, Chen, and sehun image

8. can you name the first kpop reality show that you ever watched?
i barely watch them

9. not counting your bias group, which other group will always have a special place in your heart?
seventeen and twice

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10. what was the first kpop thing you ever bought?
a sehun sweatshirt

11. what was life like before kpop?
boring. i liked western bands but i never realized how boring it was to stan them (tbh)

12. how has kpop changed your life?
i'm happier and more motivated in life, its great