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Back with the second article of my new serie Review On, and this time, it is all about Connor Franta !
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Connor Franta

Connor is a very famous youtuber, who has been doing Youtube for now 8 years, but also a writer, and the creator/director of the brand 'Common Culture'. He has published two books, 'A Work In Progress' and 'Note To Self', which both had a good review from the press. In December 2014, Connor made his coming-out as gay on Youtube.

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Why I Love Him

His Person

I genuinely love everything about him. Connor has a really genuine personnality, he's (or at least look) so kind and sincere. He also look very good (in my opinion), he's super stylish. He's really cute and funny, and... What else to say, I'm basically in love with his whole person.

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His Videos

His videos are my favorite, they always cheer me up, whether because of seeing his cute little face and hearing his adorable voice (that's one thing I absolutely adore about Connor, his voice) or because it's an 'aesthetic' video. I feel like everything I've said about him earlier shows up in the most natural way in his videos, and that's what I love about him. He's himself in front of the camera, he likes what he is, and that's enough.

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His Aesthetic-ness

Okay, so. Connor Franta is the most aesthetic person I know (and I don't even really know him). Everything about him is aesthetic. His Instagram feed, his books, his videos' thumbnails, his videos, the way he dress. EVERYTHING. And I'm an aesthete, so how can I not enjoy it ?

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This was my Connor Franta review.

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Thank you so much for reading !

Hope this made you want to check out Connor if you didn't knew him already. If you did, and you love him as much as I do, come to talk !

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