I have to get over him,but i don't want to! I thought i was his special flower in his garden full of roses but i guess i was wrong..He treated every girl like he treated me..It's time,i see he's moved on..he likes someone new.And what about me?Well the pathetic me is sitting here wasting her time thinking why i wasn't enough for him,what went wrong?Where did he go?
Why did he leave me!?..they say that if you love someone it is the best if you just let them go,no matter how much you are hurting..and that is exactly what i'm going to do! I believe that one day you will find happiness in this world even if it's without me,you will find your soulmate and spend the rest of your life together..And if you can move on so can i. I just want you to remember one thing: I will always be happy for you,but do you know why?I will be happy because i see you smiling and enjoying life..and to be honest i know that i will NEVER ever be fully over you.