Dear people from we heart it, as I have noticed many people have trouble sleeping. My friends tell me all the time, "I've only slept 4 hours" is something I hear quite often. Well I myself am quite good at sleeping. It's one of my favorite activities (as far as you can actually call it an activity). Anyway, I myself have also faced some sleeping-troubles in my life but I often overcame them. Right now, I fall asleep withing 5-10 minutes and I can sleep for like 9-12 hours straight without waking up in the middle of the night. (Don't mean to brag ahahah) Anyway, when I do that I often still wake up tired. Here will be a checklist to check why you feel tired when waking up or why you have trouble when trying to fall asleep. Enjoy!

Sleeping to long or not long enough?

As earlier mentioned, I LOVE sleeping. Unfortunately there is something known as sleeping too much. My guess is you have for sure heard about sleeping too short but oversleeping is also quite serious. Decide whatever is your problem before you read this article because I'll give different advises for the different sleeping patterns.

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Sleeping to short?

  • How is your mental condition? It is often known that people that feel depressed also suffer from insomnia. You don't have to be depressed to fall asleep difficult. It could also be a big tension you're feeling because you have something big coming up. Also when you're experiencing some heavy emotions right before going to bed ( about 2 hours before ) it is common to sleep in more difficult.

How to fix it? Well that's rather a hard one. It's not easy to just feel better or get that tension out of your body. When you're suffering from a mental condition or think you might be suffering from one, I'd suggest you approach a professional that can help you such as a therapist. If you feel that is quite scary or feel like you can fix it all by yourself (which was for me the case but therapy helped me much more than I could have helped myself) here I have some tips for you. 1. Write down after a long day what made you smile that day or that week. What made you a little happy? 2. TALK!!!! Talk to yourself in the mirror when you don't feel like talking to anyone, talk to a stranger online (might help because that person doesn't really know you (you can text me)) but better is to talk to your parents or your friends or someone else who understands you. 3. Last but not least, listen to music and write down what you're feeling and what you want for the future. It helps you to get to know yourself and helps you stay focused on the things that matter.

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  • Screens and the online life. Nowadays we are all busy on the internet, most people spend about 2 hours on social media a day. That's quite a lot and also quite exhausting! Due to this era full of social media, our brains need to process a lot more information which in some cases can cause a burnout. It also has it's effect on how you sleep. Those screens send out a lot of blue light (short length waves) and that causes your melatonin-levels to stay quite low. That is bad because you need melatonin to fall asleep. It's a hormone that regulates your daily circle, there is very few to no melatonin throughout your day but when it gets darker (because it gets time to sleep/ it gets night) your hypophysis produces more melatonin.

How to fix it? This is easy, most laptops and phones nowadays have a mode called: "night mode/night shift". This mode gives your screen a yellowish light instead of a blue one. It is said to help you melatonin-levels to get higher compared to the blue light. My advice would also be to quit the whole social media an hour before you sleep. Believe me, that post WILL still be there tomorrow, you can still post that tomorrow and no you won't become unpopular when you're using your social media less. Try to stay away from any screen an hour before you sleep, try reading a book instead or engage in a real conversation with your parents or siblings. BONUS: engaging in real conversations makes you happier and probably more loved than engaging in social media conversations.

Social media often causes us to compare ourselves more to others. Here is an article to love yourself and to stop comparing.

This is a link for more information about your time spend on social media.
  • How is your sleeping schedule? Your sleeping schedule says a lot about how you're going to sleep. Some people can have a very unregular pattern (For example: Mo: 23:00-06:00. Tu:20:00-03:00, We: 02:00-10:00 etc) and some people can cope with that super easy. I however am part of the inhabitants of Earth that really needs a regular sleeping pattern. I already feel a difference when I go to sleep half an hour earlier or later.

How to fix it? It sounds stupid but set yourself a bedtime. That however is not enough. Besides setting yourself a bedtime, try also setting yourself an alarm clock to wake up. This has two benefits, 1. your body will experience more regularity and 2. when waking up early (also in the weekends) you'll have much more time to get things done! Reaching your goals have never been so easy :)

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  • More tips :

1. Make sure your room is a bit cold, that makes you sleep better.
2. Keep your room ventilated, you need to have enough access to oxygen.
3. CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!! A messy room means a messy head and a messy head makes you sleep asleep way later than you'd like to.
4. Don't dress to hot or too cold when heading to bed.
5. Don't wear socks in bed, you use your feet partly to regulate your body temperature. If you can't regulate your temperature, you sleep a lot worse.
6. Don't eat anything containing a lot of caffeine and sugars. Its better to not eat any heavy meals three hours before bed.
7. Try to sport in the morning or in the afternoon rather than in the evening. Sporting causes you to produce hormones like adrenaline and nor-adrenaline which will cause you to have more energy and therefore will cause for you to stay up later.
8. When using medicine, try to figure out whether the side effects of those are falling a sleep late. If they do, consider consulting your doctor for a switch of medicine.
9. Try some warm milk when you seriously can't sleep. It sometimes helps me if nothing else works.
10. Write of what bothers you, clear your head.

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Love <3

Sleeping TOO long

  • How is your sleeping quality?

The main reason for the 4% of Earths population that sleeps too much and still wakes up tired is because their quality of sleep is bad. These people often fall asleep quite fast but don't seem to reach the deep sleep. A few reasons are stress, sleep apnea, alcohol-and drugs-usage and it might also be caused by dreaming and sleepwalking (there is a lot of research whether there is a correlation between dreaming and a bad sleeping quality).

How to fix it

Drugs and alcohol
Well that's easier said than to be done but........... Don't do drugs kids. Besides from the fact that you risk your life by having a change to use the bad ones, you also sleep a lot worse because of it. I know, we want to try it, I've tried it too but it's too addictive. Just don't, not because I say you shouldn't, not because you friends say you shouldn't (ESPECIALLY NOT WHEN THEY SAY YOU HAVE TO DO IT TO BE COOL, THOSE PEOPLE AREN'T YOUR FRIENDS, THEY ARE CALLED FRIENEMIES AND THEY WANT TO TALK SHIT BEHIND YOUR BACK TO MAKE THEMSELVES MORE INTERESTING), do it because you respect yourself enough to find your health more important than a stupid trip or a little high. The same counts for alcohol. You'll sleep bad because of it.

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Here is a funny video to brighten up your day

This is one of the things you probably won't be able to escape from due to all the social interactions you'll have throughout your day, deadlines and all the social media. There is however a way to lessen your stress. 1. Stop procrastinating. As a quite experienced procrastinator I can tel you, it gives you loads of stress. Though they do say: ' Diamonds are made under pressure.' (I'm procrastinating writing this article, actually need to study. Oops!) 2. Start going offline, it brings your head more peace and therefore less stress. 3. Try to meditate, it helps to reduce stress.

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Sleep apnea
First of all, I'm not a doctor. But here are some things to help you lessen your sleep apnea that I found on the internet.
Try to: lose weight, quit smoking, avoid sedatives, exercise regularly (aerobic, resistance training and yoga are all good), avoid caffeine and heavy meals two to three hours before bed, sleep on your side, prop your head up, open your nasal passages (with for example a breathing strip) and try to do singing on a regular basis. Singing is said increase the muscle control in your throat which can help prevent sleep apnea.
If all of that still doesn't help with your sleep apnea, visit a doctor. There are five more treatments that your doctor can advise you. Keep in mind that sleep apnea can be a serious health issue, it can be life threatening!

Here is a example of a kind of sleep apnea. XOXO your biological freak.

I'm one of those people that remembers at least one of their dreams 4 times a week. Some are great, some really freak me out.
Here is what Wikipedia says about when you dream. "REM sleep (also known as paradoxical sleep), a smaller portion of total sleep time and the main occasion for dreams (or nightmares), is associated with desynchronized and fast brain waves, eye movements, loss of muscle tone,[1] and suspension of homeostasis.[11]" Basically, your brain and the rest of your body is very active during dreaming. This can be quite tiring for you. Also you are not in your "deep sleep" and therefore you wake-up quite easy.

Unfortunately there aren't real solutions to dreaming. But there is something you can do against nightmares. Try to regulate your bedtime and keep your room tidy and clean. Besides that, try not to sit behind a screen an hour before you go to sleep. And the last tip I have against nightmares is, try lucid dreaming. It gives you the awareness that you are in a dream and therefore you can sort of control it. Now you can make sure that your nightmares won't be as bad.

I hope this article helped you a little. Goodnight darlings and sleep tight!