So I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48.

List 5 people who have had an impact on your life and describe how

1. My (ex-) Best friend
He always cared about me and when I lost him I learned how to be strong on my own. Without someone who got my back and protected me.

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2. The guy I fell in love with
Thats a little / big story
The most of my friends where guys. I clearly don't know why. Of course my dumb heart needs to fall for one of them . Even though he was some kind of player . I heard always the stories how he just for example was only together with a girl because he was board . I mean who the heck does something like that !!!
Anyway there was something I liked about him.
One night I was absolutely drunk .... I was dead. and so I told him I liked him. He knew it and still.. We make out and.... then he was gone ... I still saw him but it just hurts every time I looked at him . He just pretended like never something happend. I mean I could do the same but not if I like this person.

(Theos was Aloe more between his and the next part . But I think I will write an own article about the full story then )
It took me 3 moths to come to my mind now (this happened in 3 months and still has not really end) and let it got I wanted to talk to him but It's like you talked to a wall, this guy just don't has feeling I guess. Anyway I wrote him and told him I needed time to get over him and blocked him ....

I am not sure what impact this has on my life but The first love will always stay with you ......

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So I don't have more people that had an Impact that I now from, that I could describe so thats it. I hope you liked the story . Sorry for all gramma mistakes .

Thanks for reading

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