hello lovelies,

this is my first article and I decided to do my name in cities.

I don't know who started this, but credits goes to them 🖤

● C H A R L O T T E ●

✼ Copenhagen | Denmark

amazing, architecture, and beautiful image travel and theme image

✼ Hong Kong

city, lights, and aesthetic image city, hong kong, and travel image

✼ Amsterdam | The Netherlands

light, city, and amsterdam image Temporarily removed

✼ Rome | Italy

travel, rome, and architecture image Image removed

✼ Los Angeles | USA

car, night, and light image cafe, city, and coffee shop image

✼ Oslo | Norway

Temporarily removed city, light, and street image

✼ Tasmania | Australia

adventure, beautiful, and nature image aesthetic, cloud, and clouds image

✼ Tuscany | Italy

Image removed architecture, city, and europe image

✼ Edinburgh | Scotland

cities, edinburgh, and snow image travel, city, and prague image

thank you for reading xx