I have spent countless hours of my life binge-watching different tv shows. So I've decided to share with you some of my favourites that I really recommend watching.

Orphan Black

Airing dates: March 2013 - August 2017
Seasons: Five (10 episodes in each)
Genres: Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller

helena, orphan black, and sarah manning image orphan black, quote, and love image
Season 5 was sadly the final season of the show and is not yet available on netflix but the first four seasons are.

I'm so glad I found this show because as confusing as it is at first, I was so hooked and could not stop watching onceI had started. The concept is so unique and original and I haven't seen a show with this kind of plot ever. The cast did an amazing job as you either fall in love with or loathe the characters. I love that it has some LGBTQ+ representation. It can be confusing to follow at times with the science side of some of the dialogue but it is a really good show I recommend watching.

Santa Clarita Diet

Airing dates: February 2017 - *ongoing*
Seasons: Two (10 episodes in each)
Genres: Comedy horror

drew barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, and santa clarita diet image blood, drew barrymore, and Timothy Olyphant image
All the episodes of Season 2 were just released and are available on netflix!

The plot sounded strange to me at first but I am glad I gave this show a go. You almost forget that it is a horror as the comedy is so well incorporated into the dialogue and irony of some elements. I fell in love with Timothy Olyphant's character, Joel, the writers always give him funny lines which are always delivered well. The other characters are also very lovable too. You forget that you're watching a show, it all feels real, except when you remember the undead nature of one of the main characters. It has diversity among its characters as well as some LGBTQ+ representation. Really recommend watching this one, the comedy is a big aspect of it.

The Sinner

Airing dates: August 2017 - *renewed for a second season*
Seasons: One (8 episodes)
Genres: Crime film, mystery

Image by GL jessica biel, cora, and sinner image
There are only eight episodes and they're all available on netflix! You could easily binge this over a weekend.

This might be one of the most confusing shows to follow, at first. The show dives straight into the plot which I like, but it can be very confusing at first as we have very little information about what the heck is going on. However, as you get more in the show, you follow along with a detective as he tries to work out the motive for the main character's seemingly random murder on a beach. Trust me, it sounds confusing, and it is at first, but this show had me hooked, I finished it pretty much in two sittings with lots of microwave popcorn.

That's all for now!

I might do a part two or a version with movies later! These shows all had me hooked and I binge-watched a lot of them (oops). Hope you guys enjoy if you watch them, let me know if you do watch them and what you thought of them!

And if you have any suggestions of show that you think I should watch, send me a message and let me know!

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