Pricking me all over are my flaws. The flaws I deal with every day. Never once in my life, I accepted how flaws worked. I always thought being flawless was the goal, even if it took everything in my power to not have a flaw on my face, my body, and my personality.

  • Observer: Looking at people look at how I looked on the outside, and how I interacted with them with my personality inside me.
  • Judge and Executioner: Figuring out what to take out, add in, or change.
  • Someone else: Someone who's covering who I am; a new skin.

Being the observer sucked, being the judge and executioner sucked, and being someone else sucked.

I tried something new, something that would change me for the better.

  • Flaws: Something we cannot change, but we can use to our advantage.
  • You: someone that no person can be out of the population of the world.

Now I cuddle with my thorns as if I cuddle with someone who loves me for who I am, for my thorns and petals.

❝You can't cut off the thorns of a rose to be perfect because they'll always grow back in a new rose to take.❞ — yours truly