1) Face wash : So the first thing I use after waking up is face wash. It’s very important to know your skin type; find a face wash that suits your skin type and gives you the best results. Also make sure it isn’t very heavy or thick, as you’re going to be using this every morning and you mustn’t be too hard or heavy on your skin.

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My skin type is oily, so I use Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne face wash.

2) Fast Mask : I do this only around once a week, and usually AFTER washing my face, so that the greasy layer that develops on my face over the night doesn’t come in the way of giving my face results. I have never really bought masks, I usually make egg, lemon or avocado masks at home.

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My favourite mask recipe is a mixture of lemon juice, white sugar crystals, coffee powder and honey. I use it as an exfoliator and keep it on for at least half an hour before washing.

3) Exfoliator : I only exfoliate twice a week to avoid being too harsh on my skin. Again, make sure you choose an exfoliator that suits your skin type.

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The exfoliator I use is the Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser by Neutrogena. I like it because it’s light, but does it’s job.

4) Don’t rub, dab : While wiping the excess water off, make sure you dab your towel on your face and not rub it!!!

5) Toner : Toners usually contain large amounts of alcohol. Make sure yours is alcohol free to avoid skin irritation!

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Instead of using a toner, I prefer using rose water. It’s a good and natural substitute with absolutely zero side effects.

6) Moisturiser : Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! This is a very important step! Again, make sure that your moisturiser suits your skin type, and if you feel that moisturising makes your skin oily, wash your face every few hours, but DON’T skip this step!

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I use the Lavender Face Moisturiser by Forest Essentials.

7) Sunscreen : Whether you’re directly going to be exposed to the sun or not, sunscreen is a very important step. If you feel that it makes your skin too greasy, use a gel type sunscreen.

8) Aloe Vera : My final touch is always a little aloe vera. This is a great step for those who apply make up every day, as when it dries up, aloe vera forms a thin layer over your skin that prevents your makeup from directly contacting your skin. This is especially good to use on your blotches under your concealer, so that they don’t get bigger on reacting with your makeup.

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I use Safe Sun Matte Gel by Lotus and I buy aloe leaves. Fresh aloe vera leaves should be available at any grocery store.

9) Lips : Lip balm or Chapstick under your lipstick is a great way to keep your lips soft and healthy!

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I use the Minted Rose lip balm by Smith's.

10) Redo your makeup! : This is something that not many people are familiar with; it’s never good to keep the same makeup on for more than 6 hours at a time. If you apply makeup in the morning, make sure you wipe it off in the afternoon and redo it again for the evening instead of keeping the same makeup on for hours at a time.

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1) Face Scrub : I usually just wash my face with a face scrub. Face scrubs are good to use at night, as it washes off your makeup as well as the dirt and impurities that have settled on your face through the day. I use the Deep Clean Gentle Scrub by Neutrogena.

2) Toner : I usually spray some rose water onto my face again.

3) Moisturiser : Since I do this before sleeping, I try using a deep moisturising cream or a heavy moisturiser as I obviously wouldn't find it too sticky or creamy while sleeping.

4) Aloe Vera : If necessary, I sleep with some aloe vera gel on my acne to help cool it off. Usually though, I keep my face bare to allow it to breathe.

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The night moisturiser I use is Lavender by Forest Essentials.

That's about it!

xx Mia