For those of you who do not know what this word means; 'putting off things that have to be done just because of laziness.

Many of you may have never even heard this word and that's probably because you are not one of us- the procrastinators. We put off work that we have to do for a moment of relief, fun, satisfaction and happiness without realizing what we are really missing on. I'm one of them so I know. I hold no pride in calling myself a procrastinator but even when I try to come out of it- it hangs on to me.

We are all talented in some way or the other. We are all great in something or the other. We have a passion, a love for things. We are smart and hard-working when we put our minds to it. So, why do we let our laziness overpower us?

I read that the reason we procrastinate may be because of how our brain works. As humans evolved, as all animals, we developed an instinct in our brain which protects us from unpleasant things. This instinct was created in order for us to benefit; however, it works the other way. When we have to do something that we don't like, our brain 'protects' us by putting off that thing that we have to do, for later. This is why we procrastinate. We let go off incredibly important things for just a moment of happiness. It's natural but it has to be changed. We must start looking at things in a more positive light. That english essay about Romeo's character, do it now and enjoy yourself later. That way, we will get everything that we have to do done without any stress. We can see this because we never 'procrastinate' eating, showering, watching tv or youtube videos because our brain sees it as an easy task. Our brains are programmed to take the easy way out but we know what we have to do, when we have to do it and how we have to do it.

So those of you who are angry that you can't change yourself, don't worry, you can do it. Anything good takes time and effort. I'm trying and you need to try as well.

"It doesn't do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. Remember that."- Albus Dumbledore.