Hi everyone! I saw this challenge on @sunshinexo account and i decided to make my own so here is it.
Also, at the end i'm gonna write some thoughts from what i found about my name.

Day 1; ´Explain the meaning of your name´

My name is Viridiana. (nice to meet'cha :P )

Birth date: February 1,


Although the comun mean is "green" or "green hope", it adopts other symbolic meanings such as "young or strong"
Viridiana is a woman's name that has Latin origin. It is an original name even though it is a name that has existed for centuries. Nowadays it is quite strange to find a woman named as that.
To all this, the main meaning of Viridiana is: the one that has hope.

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Her sympathy allows her to have many friends, but sometimes she prefers to be alone.
She puts all the energies to achieve her goals.
Is restless, active and enthusiastic.
She's also interested in everything and is very observer even in the most little things.

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Who she is?

Particularly secret and reserved, she seems very mysterious.
Is an introverted person, who tends to ask many questions to itelf. There is a restless and anguished side, but it can also lead to philosophical, artistic or spiritual interests.

It is true that, more than any other, Viridiana has a sense of analysis and certain critical spirit, which can make her also interested in the exact sciences. If she do not deal with an intellectual activity that keeps her mind busy, can go through depressive states, which is quite logical in a hypersensitive person.
Elitist, determines their choices according to their spiritual or intellectual affinities. For her, friendship is sacred, and far from any kind of superficiality. However, it tends to be lonely.
Her character is out of series. She has a lot of intuition.

Seek to acquire wisdom. Very shy and emotional, is unarmed in front of the difficulties of life. Flee from the confrontations and before the minimum shock it retreates on itself. No doubt that is why she is attracted to movements that share her ideals.
As a child, she has a great emotional fragility and often a diminished vitality. She needs symbiosis with his family environment for her balance: a disharmony between the parents could have disastrous effects on her development.

Dreamer and curious, is prone to ask questions from a very young age, to which you always have to answer.
It is studious by nature, as long as they are of her interest.

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What do she like?

She likes secret, tranquility and feels very attracted to the universe, the esotericism, the paranormal or any topic that comes out of the ordinary and comes to fulfill her necessary quota of wonder. If not, she could find it in more sinuous ways.
Sentimentally, she is so deluded with chimeras and utopias that she has many difficulties to concretize her ideal dream, for that reason she becomes independent, since she has very high standards and not all of them usually reach them.
To attract her attention the person must be someone who is mentally interesting and someone who shares ideals with her. An immature person bores her immedialy.

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What she wants to make?

It's not easy to fulfill such aspirations, and it is true that her orientation is not always one of the most conformist. Therefore, it could be inclined towards specialized or cutting-edge professions, related to the latest technological developments (such as artificial intelligence, if it chooses the scientific), professions linked to psychology, art or writing is what she wants to.

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My thoughts:

Ok so, when i started to looking the meaning of my name on the internet I never expected that actually some of the characteristics described will acerted with my real personality, but i gotta say they did, that's why i decided to make the article more larger than usual. And if you wonder, i did not write anything, i just did copy and paste.
Dunno how the heck somebody can just know some of how i am, what i like and what i feel interested just by my name. its kind of weird, creepy and curious at the same time, ya know.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this, i hope you enjoy it and please let me know if your name describe some real things about you as mine did. (I hope i'm not the only one. lol )

'till then!