"I noticed I haven´t posted anything on the things I want to do in my life.
So here I go..." - XOXO.
I´ve never made a bucket list before, I´ve never set myself goals, like very specific ones, so this is the first time ever I´m doing something like this.

Number one: learn at least 4 more languages. I´m already bilingual, I speak both English and Spanish. Spanish being my mother tongue and English my second language. I am also attending Korean lessons with some friends, but I want to expand my knowledge regarding languages as much as I can.
Number two: I want to travel around the world. The first place I want to visit is Korea. Korea is like a dream to me. But first I´ll start with my own country and maybe some cities in the U.S, you know just while I can make some money to afford the trip and also to warm up a little bit on the travelling area.
Number three: I want to experience what it feels like to have a soulmate, I´ve never had a couple before and I would very much like to feel that love and support from a significant other.
Number four: I would love to do what I love for a living, I have something in mind I just have to materialize it, I´ll let you know about it later.