this is based on people I know, so it might not be accurate for everybody

aries (march 21 - april 19)

Image by Ajanahmet girl, summer, and blonde image fashion, gucci, and style image money, rich, and luxury image

taurus (april 20 - may 20)

hair, hairstyle, and brown hair image Image removed study, coffee, and school image makeup, NYX, and lipstick image

gemini (may 21 - june 20)

brunette, girl, and bts image dance, dancer, and girls image Image removed love, couple, and kiss image

cancer (june 21 - july 22)

Afro, curls, and makeup image book, diary, and grunge image aesthetic, alternative, and art image dog, puppy, and animal image

leo (july 23 - august 22)

blue, hair, and purple image car, travel, and sunglasses image Image by tam aesthetics image

virgo (august 23 - september 22)

flowers, guitar, and music image marla catherine image destinations, explore, and free image money, concert, and camera image

libra (september 23 - october 22)

Image by Hannah girl, beauty, and black and white image art, drawing, and face image book, library, and reading image

saggitarius (november 22 - december 21)

girl, makeup, and beauty image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, black, and style image fun, grunge, and friends image

capricorn (december 22 - january 19)

makeup and haley morales image aesthetic, camera, and girl image fashion, outfit, and style image coffee, food, and beige image

aquarius (january 20 - february 18)

beautiful, beauty, and black and white image boy, tattoo, and grunge image snake, tattoo, and animal image aesthetic, space, and alien image

pisces (february 19 - march 20)

art, hands, and aesthetic image friendship, friends, and grunge image girl, city, and building image travel image