I love me some good escapism and some good stories that are well told. It's wonderful that in the times we live in today, there is so much great art in the form of film and TV that we have available to us to delve into. These are some TV shows that I would recommend, and mostly found on Netflix! Hope you enjoy them if you do check them out...
ps. this is a long article, I found it hard to stop myself from writing about my favourite shows!

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Pretty much


An epic, fantasy, adventure love story with so much more. I love Outlander because its characters and story lines are incredible. We follow an English woman who at the beginning of the story is a nurse at the Second World War in 1945, but you can't even imagine where the story will take you and her character... One of her passions is healing people, she is strong willed and passionate about doing what she believes in, she is intelligent, brave and an amazing female heroine to follow. This story takes you through some of the highest high's and the lowest lows that you could think of in life, and so many of them, important to talk about and to contemplate: love, trust, honesty, friendship, fate, destiny, history, rape, trauma, life choices... The story also involves a lot of historical elements that are so interesting, especially that of Scotland's but also of the 1700's and the 1960's. It is based on a book series written by Diana Gabaldon, which also serves as a great experience if you want to go back to the source material. The TV show not only does a wonderful adaption true to the storyline and characters, but the cinematography is beautiful between the landscape of the Scottish Highlands to the costumes of 18th century gowns. Plus, the actors are incredible and not gonna lie, pretty pleasing to the eye. There is a lot to love about this one.

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Stranger Things

I'm usually not that keen on horror films or scary things to watch, but I gave this one a go and I'm so glad I did. We follow a group of young kids in a town called Hawkings in America during the 80s and one of them goes missing. It gives a great nod to the time that its set in and is influenced by the things kids used to do and play with in the 80s (from arcade games to cycling through town to walky talky's) and many people compare it to the humour and feel of the Goonies. You fall in love with pretty much all the characters on the show. The kids, played by incredible actors too, just pull at your heart and take you on a journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. There's great mystery's to be solved and characters to admire and root for in this show.

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THIS. Was one of my all time favourite viewing experiences. SKAM is a Norwegian show created by their government aimed at 16 year old teens and made to interact with its audience and its creators also set out with a couple of goals including to encourage their audience to know that they're not alone, and to face their fears. At the time of its airing, characters' texts and social media posts were posted up on a website available for people to view throughout the week leading up to the next episodes airing. Skam means Shame in Norwegian and it explores the lives of teenagers at a Norwegian highschool in its capital city Oslo, living with the same pressures, circumstances, hopes and expectations that many of us young people do today. The storytelling is incredible and feels like you are really with these characters in the moments they show. The show shares about experiences and processes that some of us face, and others should come to know and be understanding of. SKAM has 4 seasons (the fourth was the final) where each season focuses on a different character. It explores so many important aspects of being a teen today: feeling lonely, being in a relationship, drama between friends/other people, social pressures, popularity, homosexuality, being religious, sexual harassment and more. It's in Norwegian and as a property of NKR (their government's media thing..) it is not available to the rest of the world..legally. It has spread through google drives and online streaming sites and has been translated in many different languages thanks to volunteer online translators. I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of this show, but I must mention their use of music: it's the stuff young people really listen to, and they use their own local music too (side note - the Norwegian music scene is so worth checking out, might do an article on this later.) I would super recommend this show.

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The Crown

The Queen and the royal family of the United Kingdom. Not something I would've thought to find particular interest in, but this show did a wonderful job of conveying many truths about these people that are complicated, humanising and heck, interesting. It is so well done. I learned so much about the lives of the Royal family through this show, and it gives you a great glimpse into all the emotions that might've been felt by those people in certain times. It's intriguing and sheds a bit of light on what members of the royal family would've really gone through behind closed doors, microphones and television screens. One of the most beautiful things to watch in this show is the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, its is so enamoring, complex, heartbreaking and ultimately beautiful. Plus Claire Foy and Matt Smith's job of portraying them are incredible too. Definitely worth a watch.

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Game of Thrones

I'm sure you've at least heard or already know a good bit about this one. It's based on a series of books (unfinished) by George R.R. Martin and it is some storytelling at its finest. For one man to think up this story in his head and then communicate it on paper is..astounding. The show runners do a great job of adapting it too. It's a fantasy, but its story writing says so much about the human condition and interactions and politics. It is so interesting, has so much depth, but also ticks other boxes that are more on the surface I guess..I tended to ignore the amount of explicit stuff especially in the first couple of seasons. But its tossing up between harshness and depth almost emotionally reflects some realities of being a human in this world and all its complexities. Anyway, this thing is brutal at times, but beautiful in others. It's so intriguing! And its 8th season and final season is due for release in 2019 and is being filmed at the moment. Apparently at its table read, it received a 15 minute standing ovation by the actors at the end of it...it must be bloody good. It's one of those ones that blows your mind and takes you on an incredible and entertaining adventure. The hype is real..

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Gilmore Girls

You know when sometimes it feels like no one around you really understands you or that people are fake and don't truly care for you? Well a single Mum and her daughter in the town of Stars Hollow have got your back. I grew up watching this show with my Mum occasionally and remembered how down to earth every one seemed to be, though I didn't really get half of what they were talking about. I revisited the show on Netflix and watched the whole 7 seasons and the Year In A Life that came out in 2017, over the past year or two. And I just thoroughly enjoy being with these characters..mostly. Sometimes they can be annoying but to me it is something so human that it brings to the show and it's often to explore life choices or experiences that many of us go through. The main character Lorelai Gilmore is a head strong woman that loves to have fun, works hard, is incredibly down to earth, knows how to keep it real and loves her town and most of all her daughter. Her Mum is a different personality that constantly clashes with Lorelai but they come together over their care for Lorelai's daughter, Rory. The side line characters all warm your heart and give you great laughs. It is witty, funny, quirky and fun. For me, a middle-class Aussie young adult, so much of these characters and what they talk about and go through are so relatable. Particularly stuff about the Mother and daughter relationship, I feel like it is done so well. And the feel of being in an enchanting little town in continuously adorable. With clever, fast and plentiful dialogue, it is a story of life, love, friendship, family, and everything in between.

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Also..some of my favourite tv couples exist in this show.

Big Little Lies

This is a really well told story that is so important. It's a story of women and the complexities that their lives can be and it importantly involves a story of domestic violence. It focuses on 5 Mums (I think 5...) in a beach town in America who's children are in the same class starting their first year of school. There is protectiveness for their children, friendships that form and drama that happens. While we're following this story the show cuts to police witness interviews of an event involving the characters we're following, and their commentary adds to the whole story. So while everything's unfolding there's this sense of mystery the whole time, it's really intriguing. The kids in the show are so freaking cute and funny at times. And the actresses who play the Mums are incredible. I'm sure you've heard of all of them, but particularly Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman did an amazing job in getting this story produced because they were passionate about it and knew how important it was to tell. This is a rollercoaster ride, I'm pretty sure I cried on multiple occassions, but it is a show that is so worthwhile to watch.

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Avatar The Last Airbender

Finishing with one of my ultimate favourites. This show would air on free-to-air tv when I was growing up. It may be a kids program but at the ripe old age of 21 I re-watched the whole series + its sequel The Legend Of Korra and trust me, you are never too old to experience this goodness. And it's one that I will go back to experience time and time again. It is set in a world where people come from tribes originating from the four elements: air, water, earth and fire. And some people are able to bend the elements, but it is an art that has to be kept up and some tribes have few masters and students. In this world there is the Avatar who is able to master all four elements and is meant to keep peace. In this story we follow a little boy called Ang and he is an airbender, the very last one. And though only a boy, he was destined to be the Avatar. We follow him and his journey in realising himself as the Avatar and his adventures with his friends Appa (a flying mammoth/platypus pretty much - so cute!), Katara and Sokka (two waterbenders). It is filled with heartiful banter and funny moments, but also some incredibly deep and profound moments that this story and universe does an amazing job at exploring. You wouldn't think so from a little Nickelodeon tv series. It's the best. Seriously. If you're not usually into this stuff, let it surprise you haha, I would recommend this to the moon and back. This show is the ultimate, but would really recommend its sequel as well. To me it's nearly just as good.

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Thanks for spending this time with me! I hope you enjoyed reading this. And if you do check out these shows I hope you thought it worth your time and if you already knew them I hope you liked sharing in them feels. Got any recommendations/comments? Feel welcome to hit me up. Boy am I thankful for art and storytelling, thanks for sharing with me in some of the best!

Yours truly,