thanks to @dontbuymeflowers_ for this lovely idea <3

day three: write a letter to your ex

dear ex,
i shouldnt have let you go, you cared so much for me. you were always in the hospital, yet as soon as youd wake up from surgery, you checked on me, made sure i was okay. you showed me a love that i didnt know existed. every time you went into surgery, you had a picture of us with you. i was everything to you, and i let that go. i regret ever leaving you, because even though ill never admit it, i love you. thank you for showing me a love like yours exists, because without you id never know. i could never imagine that you and i were strangers, yet somehow you loved me. i remember we planned out our lives, the white picket fences, and our two children, alice and william. i hope you find someone who can show you the love that i couldnt. i will always love you with every piece of who i am.