i never really thought it would be like this you know
when i was younger
the way that it was talked about
the effects of it that i had seen
were wonderful

love was something beautiful
something to be manifested
and craved
and shared
between two people
who couldnt help to share it with themselves
and no one else

the promise of
having someone to love and caress me
and complete me
the way i had saw
left something to be desired

but i never seen what had happened
when that love came rearing its head
when shit hit the fan
and the fan stopped
turning all together

you see...
i had never witnessed
the small space
between two hearts
grow into a cavern too cold and too deep
for anything to live in

i had to expirence that myself
for me to learn
so forgive me
but as you sit here
and tell me about your new love
and your plans for the future
i cant but help wonder
when you'll realize
and if it'll be
as painful
as it was for me

and i think to myself
how strange it is
we we're talking about the same thing
yet the words we use are