When I was younger I thought you were the world's best thief for when it went dark it was silent,

I thought dragons were in pain from blowing out fire. who would have thought that you were the dragon that I shouldn't have felt bad for?

I thought you weren't gonna do anything but talk about how terrible I was at that video game

but instead you touched me and wouldn't let go,maybe if someone opened that closet.

but no one did

not even after I banged on the door and yelled stop
I was 9 and you were 13

Why then? Why ever?

I am now 15 and you 18
I will not go to your birthday party
no matter how much my family wants me to go. I will never look at you the same

I will never forgive you,
to me you are still 13, and I will always be 9

So if anyone asks whats wrong
Ill say nothing

because you took more than just my voice