Hello Dreamers! I've already written 2 articles today, but I wanted to write another one. I own quite a few sketchbooks. There's one I'm currently using and it some parts to it which I'd like to share. So here it is; Things every sketchbook needs...

Body Part Section

Having a section where you can draw feet, eyes, hands, mouths, ears and noses is handy. You can practice the shading, different angles and try out different techniques in general.

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Colour Palette Page

If you have a colour palette page, you can see what colours work together and which don't. This can also make you create 'joyful' palettes, 'sad' palettes and/or pastel colour combinations.

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'Character Creating' Area

Coming up with a character/OC is really fun. Maybe you want to draw them down, their friends, pets or family. Making a 'Character Creating' area in your sketchbook helps a lot.

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Check my OC creating article out :)

Creativity Block Page

Find a page in your sketchbook (most preferably the back), get a black pen and start drawing curved lines all over the place, almost like you're neatly scribbling. Use the gaps to create little pictures like pizza!

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Like this but more spaced out!

Fonts Section

If you like doing headers on your drawings, this is perfect for you. Create a page with different fonts and a sentence with the same font underneath. You can adjust the fonts to your liking of you need.

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That finishes it off for this article! Hope you all enjoyed. Here is my articles collection if you want to check it out!

Amearli xoxo

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