Hello, beautiful people.
Well, I came here to share some random facts about me, so let's go!

1 - My dream is to live in Australia.

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I'm kinda obsessed about Australia. I love Brazil, where I live, but I think that I'd be very happy there too. PS: Someone from Australia here?

2 - I'm a fangirl.

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My fandoms: Selenator, Vampire Maniac, Haler and 5SOSfam.

3 - I love volleyball.

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Volleyball is my favorite sport, but I'm terrible playing it. Micah Christenson is my favorite player EVER.

4 - I speak Portuguese, English and a little bit of sign language and Italian.

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I wanna learn Spanish one day too.

5 - I don't have a favorite color, but I'm kind of obsessed about red, yellow, orange and rose gold.

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6 - I love Rainbow Rowell's books.

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If you don't know her, she is just the best writer in the world. I read Eleanor & Park at least 8 times.

7 - I love to watch movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Audrey Hepburn.

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Talent has a name.

8 - My sign is Scorpio.

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And I love it.

9 - I love teen titans a lot.

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10 - I love the indie lifestyle.

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I found myself on it.

11 - I'm fan of Alice in Wonderland.

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I have a collection of things, but it's little, because I'm poor.

12 - My dream is to become vegetarian.

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Join to #BeKindToAnimals project on WHI.

13 - I'm Slytherin

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And I'm proud of it.

So, If you wanna know more about me you can check it out my collections, you will know a lot.