I went to the fair. I thought it'd be fun.

I sat in a seat, one all to my self.

The ride reached the top, and for the few minutes I was there I had a good look around.

A boy so skinny I thought he'd break sat on a bench eating a large amount of food. He ate it so quickly, and so much of it I was in shock.

I turned to my head to the side, watching a couple not too far below me smile happily. He was athletic and good looking, while she was pretty, but very nerdy looking.

I watched a girl, one that was plum, running around the perimeter of the ferris wheel. She ran quickly, her pony tail swinging to one side to the other.

Background info.

The skinny boy on the bench is known to be too skinny for doing anything. It's almost a shock that he isn't dead. He ate the food quickly, but he threw up later. He has trouble eating since he has depression.

The happy couple to be seen isn't always happy. People tell the girl that she isn't good enough for the boy. Why? She's not athletic, nor is she pretty in the views of others.

The plum looking girl that was running so quickly. She gets her confidence lowered by society and her parents. She runs because she thinks she's ugly.


When I looked back at my self I knew I had to stop. I am the bully.

One ferris wheel ride, being alone. I learned that I am the bully, and this was going to be the end of it.

Author's note: I am not a bully in real life at all. This is just a story! I just want to show a little awareness to some people that bullying is not okay at all. That's all, love you guys :)