Ideas adapted from various people composing articles titled "This Is Me". Not the most exciting, I know, but it's fun to make :) Thanks for looking, love.


fashion, outfit, and clothes image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 necklace, accessories, and jewelry image fashion, outfit, and boots image
Cute, comfy, plain colors usually with jewelry.


girl, sky, and beach image Image by Pauline M. eyes, blonde, and eye image beach, free, and friendship image
Blonde, straight hair with brown eyes. Average build, fair skin, short.


Image removed abstract, photography, and beautiful image beach, sea, and landscape image blue, colors, and sky image
Light blue (light aqua or teal) is my favorite.


inspiration, life, and quote image gilmore girls, pretty, and quotes image Image by andy!!! Gomezzz text, white, and stubbornness image
Caring, optimistic, quiet, intelligent, patient, relaxed, stubborn.


katniss, the hunger games, and hunger games image harry potter and severus snape image art, cartoon, and disney image martin luther king and selma image
The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Tangled, Selma.


adorable and djur image animal image animals, birds, and captive image cute, otter, and animals image
Dogs, Squirrels, Falcons, Otters.


coldplay and Chris Martin image saturn, sleeping at last, and exist image ed sheeran, guitar, and music image alan, going, and Gregory image
Coldplay, Sleeping At Last, Ed Sheeran, Gregory Alan Isakov.


donuts, food, and sweet image ice cream and goals food image pizza, love, and food image cozy, pretty, and morning image
Donuts, Ice Cream, Pizza, Waffles.

Other Passions

world, vintage, and globe image 35mm, forest, and nature image equality, quote, and race image funny, lol, and pyramid image packers image black and white, family, and grey image
Traveling, forests, social justice, parks and recreation, the packers, and children.


quotes and love image be who you are, quote, and say what you feel image quote and stars image happiness, lovely, and sadness image