"Why are you always staring at the sky?"
It's called etheromania. In Greek, "ethero" means "upper air" or "sky", hence my mania with the sky. I often wonder to myself how a person could not be taken away by its colors and shapes; how a person could not get lost in the vibrant blue of the daylight, the stunning pinks and oranges in the evening, or the indigo with small white speckles, like confetti in the night. It's all so gorgeous and, when you're looking up at its beauty, you can't help but to think: "What else is out there? What wonderful colors have my eyes not yet been exposed to?" Of course, most people would think I'm crazy for speaking about the sky so fondly, but it's all I can do. You never know, you may wake up the next day blind. And in that moment, you're going to regret never seeing the array of shapes and colors in the world. You probably think that I sound like some insane cult member right now, but it's not like that. Now that I think about it, it's not just some philia. It's a relationship between the sky and I. It speaks to me, gives me advice, gives me inspiration. In a way, the sky is my guardian.
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