I'm back loves!!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, because I sure am. I just started spring break!

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I don't think people start to realize it could be the last day you see someone or the last day you breath. Its a scary thought believe me, but ever since I was young I have had the mindset of talking to people I have always wanted to talk to. I wanted to make sure that i make the best out of my days, because that day could be my last.

I am not planning on dying, but people die all the time and never have a chance to say good bye or say hello. Every morning I talk to my friends , even if they are in the worst possible moods, because most people hate mornings. I make sure to talk to everyone I love, because that thought always crosses my mind "what if i died today?" I really try to make the best of my weeks, sure I have bad days and I still argue and get in fights with people. I am not here to show you a fairy tale "perfect life" situation. I just want you to try and learn to let go of things that wont matter in a week, month or year. In reality stupid shit doesn't matter in the end, its what you did do.

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I hope you try something new or meet someone new, because you always have a chance to change.

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