Hellooo everyone!

So I started learning Portuguese this past August and it has truly been a journey. Slowly I've fallen in love with the language. In my class we are learning Brazilian Portuguese, which I have learned is very different from the Portuguese from Portugal—something like American English and British English you could say.

We have discussed many things about Brazil and I decided to write a short article about the things I love the most about the country until now. I know there is soo much to discover about Brazil, but these are top 5 things I love about Brazil (most of them by only reading of them):

  • their beaches
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Brazilian beaches are one of the most amazing ones in the world and I cannot wait to explore them
  • their food
  • the Carnaval
  • their people
  • the Christ of Redeemer
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here is a quote in Portuguese that says, "Take risks! Because everything that is good comes with a small amount of fear."

This article was inspired by another article I read about Brazil:

so if you liked my article you will definitely like this one
I also wrote this same article in Portuguese so if you want to you can check it out

peace out, zoé✌🏽