As i cant (or well it wouldnt be interesting) write an articule about how i sleep... Here I bring you my favorite series, most of them are on netflix. Fortunately. :)

El Barco

It has everything!! From mystery and action, to romance and comedy. without any doubt my favorite!

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I've seen it like 9 times! It's like a drug to me.

Stranger Things

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I'm still obsessed with Mike and mom Steve


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It's based on Archie's comics. It is full of mysteries, without any doubt you will end up obsessed!


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The devil moves to Cali


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The Carringtons <3

Gossip Girl

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you know you love me. XOXO gossip girl

The OC

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all the teen drama in the Orange County.

Sex & the City

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I cant do that.. without alcohol

Criminal Minds

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i really love all about crime scenes, my moms favorite <3

I would love to write articles in Spanish, so if you agree I will. <3