Hi sweetie!!
Now, exist the body positivism but not all people respect the different types of bodys or races or anything that makes you different from them , maybe this persons think they're perfect and that's okay cause everyone is perfect ,with all your flaws you are perfect.

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i'm talking about this cause i went shopping and the clothing brands think the whole world is skinny , i dont have so many problems to bought because i am medium or large ,depends on the brands.
But ,i'm going to make this beautiful & little counting for the brands of female clothing ,plus ,I love complaining.

  • why it's so difficult to find a cute bra?
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i'm not even going to talk about bralette's, cause they don't exist.
  • Find short skirts
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cause my butt doesn't permit that , it's big ,it's not my fault.
  • Crop tops in small sizes
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Everyone can wear crop tops,dude.


  • No, I'm not going to lose weight because you tell me, it's my decision.
  • Yes, we can be sexy too.
  • I can wear whatever i want.
  • I have stretch marks like most people in the world and i accept it.
  • I LOVE ME.
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Hope you like this.