Hello Dreamers! I thought that today I would do the 'My Name in Flowers' challenge. My name is foreign, and the English version of my name is Lucia, so I am going to do that for this article. I actually wasn't nominated for this challenge, but it looked fun. So, here it is...

↠ Lucia

L - Lavender

book flowers Superthumb Superthumb

U - Ursinia

daisy beauty
They belong in the Daisy family

C - Cactus

cactus cactus cactus cactus
This is a plant, not a flower, but oh well

I - Iris

flowers flowers

A - Anemone

flowers flowers Superthumb Superthumb

That finishes off this article/challenge. Hope you enjoyed! I nominate:

Kendall Alexandria
Kendall Alexandria

Amearli xoxo

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