Okay, first I need to tell a little story from my Dutch class last week. We were talking about world war 2 in the Netherlands and how the women who had a relationship with German men while they were in the Netherlands were punished afterwards: They got their hair cut off. My teacher asked why and I have been to Auschwitz and know its backstory, so I said it was because hair was thought to be something that identifies you and makes you you and unique, but he said it desexualised the women. He told us that women with really short hair or hair coloured in not natural colours may look exciting but never attractive and he was going on about it so I listened first but then he asked a boy whether he had the same opinion and the boy said no he does not and the teacher was looking shocked and asked if anybody else thought so, so I put my hand up and he was like 'Lisa you're a girl I'm asking the boys' and I told him that I can decide whether I find someone attractive no matter what gender they are or that I'm straight and my classmates agreed with me and he said I should bring up an example so I told him that Cara Delevingne has short hair and she's extremely good looking and same goes for Halsey, she has short hair and wears coloured wigs and she's really really attractive and then other people started naming examples and it felt so good to shut the teacher because he always makes these comments..

I have this thesis that every person is beautiful. Because beautiful is not defined by perfection but by imperfection. There is not a single human being on this earth that isn't beautiful. And beautiful is the most powerful weapon. Sure, not everybody is hot and attractive, because that is a subjective point of views. But beautiful is not as subjective as hot or attractive. It's defined differently and I think that's what we need to remember every single day. Everybody. Is. Beautiful.