Hello Hearters,

The day I'm writing this, March 24,2018, is the day "March for our lives" has gone on all around the world. Many things are slowly changing, but it's not enough, and fight has only begun. Everyday people still have access to an AR-15, and the NRA is still standing.

We need everyone's voice. From marching in streets to just simply signing a petition, we need celebrities, politicians, and everyday people, like you and I. Gun violence needs to end. Not just school shootings either. Police brutality, gang violence, and mass shootings. So please, ask yourself "what have I done to protect myself and my loved ones?". If you're answer is "nothing", I'm not saying you have to go and march, just do something simple, like going to change.org and finding a petition against assault riffles, and signing it. If you're answer is "something" I encourage you to continue to fight because if we continue to fight and demand change, it will come.

As Emily Gonzales said today at the March for or Lives, "fight for your life, before it's someone else's job."