*Changed my article series to Question of the Week instead of Days

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a good week filled with self-improvement, so I wanted to make a series where I ask a series of question to get yourself and even myself to create a spark for creativity, where your mind wonders over the questions. So If you wanted to have any superhero what would it be? Now I KNOW, this is a type of icebreaker questions that your teacher or professor asks the class to get to know people, however, this is no classroom, we are not here to awkwardly speak about what we do not want to do.
So if I had to choose a superpower it would the abilities that Beast from X-Men has. Beast is basically a super athlete, because he goes from having strength to endurance and speed, to doing high jumps, and even doing back flips, rolls and springs. He also has the power to heal from minor injuries and I am going to need that since I am super clumsy ay. , I know I am going to need all of his powers to do any of my basic tasks, such as run my errand in only 5 minutes or travel to any country without using a car since Beast can run 40 mph. And since he is hairy it can give me an excuse to not shave ever again, with his claws of his I can fight off anyone telling me "Gurl you need to shave."