Hello beautiful people on WHI ❣ If you have read my previous articles... Well you know I like to write my poems, poetry, stories... I like going into different worlds with words and a little imagination. Let me introduce you my last writings and we can talk about what poetry gave to the world.
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➳ The power of thoughts

I think of you.
I think about them.
I think about us.
I think about hate

Tell me just once.
What do you think.
Show me just once.
What do you feel

Make me alive.
Take me away.
Thinking of me.
Love me today

Thinking of you.
Falling asleep.
Thinking of us.
Baby only you and me

The power of thoughts.
Seeing you here.
The powers of thoughts.
Seeing you near

The power of dreaming.
The power of thinking.
Oh God, please tell me,
Why should I think

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❁The Red Rose❁

Red leaves,
Scattered thorns.
On how many places,
You can get hurt

Red love,
Sun shines.
Kissing lips.
And the silent wind

Falling tears,
One snowy smile.
Falling stars,
One loving rose

One kiss,
Locked love.
One touch,
Immortal thought

Red lips,
Hidden under veil.
Red rose,
And that winter scarf

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➳ If you are reading this first I want to thank you for staying after reading my poetry. So its time to talk about what poetry gave to us and continues to give. In the centuries poetry kept many artists alive. Including me or some of your friends. Or maybe some of the writers that read my article at the moment with you. Or maybe you are this reader. My point is writing is life-saving and poetry is a souls shelter. A beautiful place you create for yourself and share with others. You let them touch the pure beauty.☘

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➳ Many of you maybe don't write poems. But don't you feel better after reading. Finding your story and living it in one imaginary world. All alone with your thoughts and dreams. Or maybe you like to create worlds and share them with others.☘

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➳ The moment when you find that perfect love poem. Telling your story, made you cry and let you find yourself. Or the story that you love so much. What about "Romeo and Juliet" ? Or "Beauty and the Beast" ? They were written by someone with passion. You read their stories, you admire them, you live them. And that's what poetry gives to us. A reason to live the life we can't have. A reason to dream and share our dreams. A reason to write and make others remember you. You and your art with words.☘

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My last words for this article:

No matter if you are a reader or a writer, you know what poetry means to you. You know what poetry means to the world. You know why poetry still exists. And the most important : You know why your poetry can change the world❣
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Thank you for reading my article. It really means a lot to me. I hope you will heart it if you liked it. I would love to read some more poetry or just make friends here, so if you want text me. You can check my other articles and collections. Have a nice day/night reading and writing on WHI today and everyday❣