Hey guys! I've been feeling kinda down lately and had this article idea!

Because I love stories and creating characters, I decided to create a fictional character that's supposed to be me, kinda like someone I wanna be or would like to be. I thought it would be fun to do this so let's go!

Name: Sarah Pan

Sarah's physique

hair, blonde, and fashion image rainbow, eyes, and eye image body, clothes, and curves image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed piercing, nose piercing, and nose ring image
Short blond hair, green eyes, plus-size, tall, tattoos and nose piercing

Sarah's personality

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Always smiling, kind, a loner, friendly, a dreamer.

Things Sarah likes

book and vintage image age, boy, and GAp image disney, pink, and disneyland image art, flowers, and lungs image Image removed Image removed
Books, romance, Disney, art, Harry Potter, makeup.

Where Sarah lives

theme, palm trees, and summer image home, architecture, and house image house, city, and building image Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, interior, and library image Temporarily removed
Cute appartment in LA.

Quotes Sarah lives by

quotes, boy, and love image quotes, love, and forever image quotes, boy, and invisible image Abusive image Temporarily removed music, grunge, and quotes image

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Love, Sarah x

Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan