Hi people! i really want to write an article totality random, so here are my songs of the month with the 20 songs tag challenge. If you want me to know your version of the tag respond in a dm or write your personal article and tag me, it'd be cool discover amazing songs and artists ❤

1# Favorite song
It's hard to stick with one but i think that my most listening is "FRIENDS" of Anne Marie and Marshmello

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2# Song you hate the most
I really don't have one, if I don't like it, simply, i don't listen it

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3# Song that make you sad"
It's funny because I was listening music in aleatory with someone that i love and this person that day had to travel, right? So, when we were going to say goodbye, the magnificent aleatory playlist choosed "Perfect" of Ed sheeran and I don't know, maybe I'm a girl too sensitive but I started to cry because i knew that i won't see him in two month. It was a beutiful and sadly experience, but hey, we're going to survive haha. By the way, I love Ed sheeran, his lyrics, his voice, I'm in love with him.

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4# & 5# Song that reminds you of someone/ a specific moment"
This song was implanted without my consent by most of the girls of my class and my sister, it's everywhere! I start to like in it, it called "X" of Nicki Jam and J Balvin, i don't like all the song, but the chorus yes.

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6# Song that makes you happy
The rythm, the music video, Hailee Steinfeld did it again, this time with Bloodpop in "Capital Letters". The girl it's killing it

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7# Song you know the lyrics perfectly
Sincerely, I listened this song for youtube's recommendation, I didn't know the girl who sing it and now I'm really glad because she's so talented and it became my new obsession. "Bellyache-Billie Eilish, Marian Hill Remix"

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If you want the second part soon, heart the article and let me know also if i have mistakes in it, thank you for reading,see ya! Have a nice day xx

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