everybody loves traveling and seeing the world, exploring new cultures and learn more about the people, food, history, etc..

in this article I'm going to tell you where I want to travel at least once in a lifetime.


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I literally want to go to Amsterdam ever since I saw The Fault in our Stars. It just has these artsy vibes. And even though it's a big city it seems so small and cute. Maybe I'm going to study there.


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The most beautiful city I've ever been to. I've spend there the best days of my life with my best friends and my family. London is such an inspiring and multifaceted city with big tolerance and very nice people.


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Guess what... another british city. But Edinburgh is on my bucketlist because there's the only Game Of Thrones Bar I've ever heard from... yeah, I love GoT.


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I would gladly give my life for visiting Alaska, more in detail its capital Juneau. Even though I hate snow when I'm outside not able to drink some tea - I would risk it just to see the most beautiful landscape in the world.


beautiful, forest, and iceland image beauty, iceland, and photo image Image by M!RRaH animals, cold, and equestrian image
Beautiful but cold - full description of Iceland. Really simular to Alaksa but maybe a little more cultural. Love the landscape, the ponys and climate and emptyness of this country...

so this was only my first part... of course there more places I would like to visit. ästay tuned, the second part will come soon... soooo enjoy the rest of your weekend and let me know where you want to go :)