So lately I've been only listening to not-so-famous singers and I realized their songs are SO MUCH better then literally every single song from these so called "stars". I feel like when they get famous enough they just stop giving shit about their music. Anyways I'm obviously rambling so l'm just gonna bless your ears with all of this amazingness.

So first here are the underrated artist that I fell in love with.

-Melanie Martinez (Hehe sry I had to)

No but really, here they are:

-1. Lauv (I put him here because I discovered him a bit earlier when fewer people
knew about him, but now you probably already know about him. So I put him
here for everyone that doesn't. Your welcome.) ;)

-2. Au/Ra

-3. Bea Miller

-4. Jaira Burns

-5. Ella Eyre

-6. Sigrid

-7. Billie Eilish (She's also getting pretty popular so you probably already know
about her, but if you don't once again you're welcome lol)

-8. Tash Palmer

-9. Olivia O'Brien

-10. Astrid S

-11. Betty Who

-12. Keke Palmer

-13. Nina Nesbitt

-14. Pia Mia

-15. SAARA

Ok so now for the underrated songs, I'm gonna try to put one song per artist because I literally like the whole album, but I'm no promising anything lol). And some of these might be only underrated in my opinion because I like them so much.

-1. Tash Palmer - Worried

-2. Olivia O'Brien - Fuck Feelings

-3. Bea Miller - Outside (Literally just listen to her whole album I just put one song
because otherwise I would put the whole album lol)

-4. Au/Ra - Panic Room

-5. Au/Ra - Kicks

-6. SHY Martin - Good Together

-7. Myah - Circus Freak

-8. Nina Nesbitt - Chewing Gum

-9. Astrid S - Such A Boy (Again just listen to her whole album)

-10. Broods - Heartlines (MOUNT Remix)

-11. Brooke Candy - Paper And Plastic

-12. Don Diablo - Cutting Shapes

-13. Gorgon City - Smile (The Magician Remix)

-14. INNA - Yalla

-15. Jaira Burns - Burn Slow

-16. LARISS - You Can Lie

-17. Mario Joy - Smoke My Life

-18. Zolita - Fight Like A Girl

-19. William Singe - Rush

-20. Pia Mia - Underneath