This is raw. And it's the midnight.


Since the day I launched my blog, I've been doing research. More specifically, I wanted to know how certain people became so successful on social media. Also, I was curious to find out what made them loved by others.

So I attended a course and I also read about their experiences.

The things I've found out are ...disappointing. I'm not writing this to share all the dark and less known sides of becoming successful by using social media. I am here to make a promise:

  • I will not pretend to be someone I'm not. Simply as that. I won't act as if I held the secrets of the universe, but I will tell you everything I know.
  • I will not write about the things that I don't support. By all means, I'll do my best not to offend anyone. My focus will be on positivity, but I will not force it into your lives.
  • I will not tell you that I love you because you liked my post. (Well, if I do tell you that, then you should know I mean it.) I will tell you that there is so much light and power in you...
  • I will never make it all about having followers. But I will have a message and of course I will be glad to know it helped you somehow.
  • I will share the things that I wish I was told.
  • I will support your dream with all my heart and try to find ways to increase your productivity towards your goal.
  • I will show you why being an introvert is actually a bliss.
  • I will not be another online presence. I will be a SOUL online.