this is a letter to my friend, cause you know I'm not good at speaking at all ❤

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So, first of all, I know you'll never read this letter, and somehow this makes me feel better, because probably this all will suck.
You're my best friend, absolutely, I don't know if I'm yours, probably not, but... this is not really important. I've never been someone's best friend, maybe because I'm too different. I don't like talking that much, I don't like partys and alcohol like other teenagers do. But you do too, not the speking thing tho.
You really, like really, love to talk. Sometimes it's even a bit too much for me but you know that: you always say you're sorry about it. Never mind girl.
I'm sorry that when you talk, sometimes you think that I'm not listening, when like (generally) I do. I love hearing you talk about the things you love, cause your eyes always shine of a magical bright light and your smile is beautiful. Very beautiful.
Another thing. I'm really sorry that you don't realise how much pretty you are, you're a queen of make up and I really want you to know that, and feel proud of yourself.
You're the only person I talked about my disorder to, it's been one of the most difficult things I've ever done, because talking to people is not easy peasy to me, and I'm kinda ashamed of this feature of myself. I was scared af that you could judge me, saying that I was faking it and was I seeking attention.
But you didn't, and you don't even know how much better you made me feel with your kind words.
I'm sorry for those whole months when I isolate myself from everyone, cause I have bad periods and don't wanna talk with anyone.When I cry at night and sometimes even at school, in the bathroom. I don't want you to think that you're not my friend anymore, you shouldn't suffer because of me. Sometimes I think I shouldn't be your friend, but I'm glad you are indeed. You make my bad day a bit more better when you talk to me.
I love when you talk about how much you love Louis Tomlinson because you're genuinely happy, and it's nice seeing you like that. And you also have a beautiful voice, and you're so good at singing that whenever I hear you I'm overwhelmed.
I hope you'll make true every dream you have, I know you'll be a perfect make up artist and have your own line of cosmetics. I'm already proud of you.

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P.S: hope you won't disappear once school is finished❤