Just some stuff I'd imagine getting for myself if I wasn't a broke hoe:))))

beauty, makeup, and blusher image beauty, makeup, and morphe image makeup, peach, and beauty image makeup, pink, and pastel image beauty, bon bons, and chocolate bar image makeup, beauty, and palette image aesthetic, pink, and soft image makeup, beauty, and highlighter image luxury, makeup, and rose gold image beauty, eyeshadow, and makeup image
I love it sm
clear, mario, and skin image self care, beauty, and mask image rose water, witch hazel, and thayers image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, korean, and tumblr image beauty, etude house, and makeup image
I want better skin
Tech stuff
iphonecases image nails and airpods image cards, spotify, and premium image decor, design, and fashion image accessoires, christmas, and fit image fallout, game, and gaming image
I want fallout 4 lol
Cute style
blue, plants, and aesthetic image Bleu, clothe, and nasa image fashion, style, and outfit image girl, sad, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, clothes, and yellow image
I'm insecure about what I wear
brownhair, ear, and stretcher image ears, 3mm, and stretcher image
Mine are 8g rn:))
vans, shoes, and black image flames, planet, and saturn image converse, white, and shoes image converse, fashion, and tyler the creator image
I own one pair rn lol
A s/o:(
11:11, header, and aesthetic image love, quotes, and grunge image couple, love, and kiss image love, quotes, and grunge image love, anime, and pink image lil peep and aesthetic image soft, reactions, and love meme image meme, reaction, and love image
Who doesn't?

Well that's pretty much it... Ty for reading!!
Dm so we can be friends:)
Yup that's it