Well hello everybody, this is my second article and today I'm going to talk about vacations! These are my TOP 10! Enjoy beauty's 💝

10. Croatia
I definitely want to go to Croatia one day because It looks amazing. The water is just so blue. It's not even blue but you know that makes it blue. I don't know what i'm saying. 😂

09. Colombia
Okay, this country is beautiful and I love the culture. To be honest I want to go to Colombia because of the series Narcos. I'm sorry, i'm guilty.

08. Egypt
Wow, this country has a lot of history and I yes I love history. It's weird isn't it? 😝

07. Greece
I really want to go to Greece especially to Santorini. I think if you see the models on Instagram in Santorini you definitely get in love with Santorini (and the models).

06. Mexico
Last year a friend of mine was at Cancun and I was so damn jealous and wow the boys over there are hot. 😍

05. Monaco
I totally cannot talk French but this 'country' ( I don't know if we can call this a country, but i'm badass and I do it) looks amazing. It's like Rio de Janeiro of France.

04. Norway
I really love the nature and we should treat it with respect and in Norway It's definitely treated with respect.

03. United Arab Emirates
Dubai. Dubai. Dubai. Damn. Beautiful.

02. Italy
The country of the beautiful guys and the best food ever!

01. Brazil
I like Brazil a lot because every person of Brazil loves football (or soccer, I don't know) and football brings people outside. And that's not the only reason. I really want to see Christ the Redeemer, the statue because I'm Christian and It's a dream to see that statue! Hopefully I can see it one day!

And hopefully you guys enjoyed my article! Thanks for reading and see you guys next time. Lots of Love Stefanie ❣️