March for our Lives
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Paul McCartney recalls John Lennon's tragic death.

Paul McCartney of the worlds greatest rock group is among those marching against gun violence in New York City today.

Meanwhile Trump, who received thirty million dollars from the National Rifle Association during his Presidential campaign along with the heavily funded Republican Congress sit back in the shadows and do practically nothing.

2018 is the appropriate year to remove Trump and the Republican Congress and return the people to ruling the United States. The National Rifle Association main goal is to increase the use of firearms in the United States without considering all the lives lost due to their costic agenda.

The ex Beatle indicated that one of my best friends was shot not far from where we are right now during the March for our lives event in New York City.

Paul McCartney was referring to John Lennon, who was murdered by a gunman on Dec. 8, 1980 outside the Dakota apartment building on New York’s Upper West Side, only blocks from where anti-gun-violence protesters were gathering today to begin their march downtown.

New York is one of more than 800 cities worldwide where marches will take place in coordination with the massive Washington D.C. March For Our Lives event.

As of mid-day Eastern Time, President Donald Trump had not tweeted his thoughts on the topic from Mar-A-Lago, where he is spending the weekend far away from the D.C. gathering.